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So who exactly has not heard of Thomson, the UK-based tour operator that has high-street outlets all over the country? Not many of us excursion-loving Brits I’m sure. What you may not have heard of however are the great deals that can be picked up on Thomson cancellation holidays. They have plenty of last minute deals available due to some poor soul having to cancel a booking or tickets just not being sold. And being the sizeable tour operator that they are, you have quite a high chance of finding a late deal that takes your fancy.

With Thomson, you can fly out from London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted airports and a whole host of other hubs dotted up and down the United Kingdom such as Southampton, Cardiff, East Midlands, Doncaster, Newcastle, Manchester, Aberdeen and Belfast.

But it is the destinations that are oh some much more tempting. Kenya, Maldives, Morocco, Turkey, Cape Verde and the Canaries are all on the list of choices. Can you imagine having no plans one weekend and the next flying off on a last minute Thomson cancellation holiday to the Maldives?

And what a spectacular location the Maldives are! Made up of hundreds of tiny lush tropical islands that span a stretch of the Indian Ocean just off the south-western coast of India, this idyllic retreat is a premier choice for divers and honeymooners alike.

Or you could choose something closer to home yet still exotic like Morocco. The bustling medinas, romantic riad hotels and spicy aromas of the souk will give you plenty of tales to narrate back to your friends and family.

But don’t forget, Thomson are also operators of cruises with a fleet of ships. If you have never been on a cruise before, you may need to get to grips with some dos and do-nots of at-sea etiquette such as arriving on time for dinner, not slamming cabin doors and typical on-shore good behaviour such as waiting for people to exit lifts before barging your own way in.

Showing up for dinner in shorts can be a real no-no as many may find it most unsightly and squeam at the thought of sweaty, sun-screened legs rubbing against dining chairs and the like.

At the end of day however, the real truth of etiquette on a cruise or anywhere else is to understand that social norms are not universal. What is polite to you can be offensive to another. Be patient with others and if somebody does something that bothers you, let it go.

As of 2013, the policy on cancelling your Thomson Cruises booking, is that if you cancel at least 56 days before the day of departure, you can expect to get back your full booking cost less the deposit. If you can’t make the 56 day deadline, then unfortunately you will immediately forfeit 50% of the total booking cost and even more depending on how short notice you give; within one week and you will lose the entire amount. You can see now how companies can afford to give away massive discounts on last minute cruise ship cancellation holidays.

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