Last Minute Morocco Holidays

Known as the ‘Maghreb’ in Arabic which means ‘West’, you will find Morocco on Africa’s North-Western coast. Its northern most tip where the holiday town of Tangier is located makes up the lower part of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Atlantic Ocean’s entryway into the Mediterranean sea, with the Spanish mainland and famous Rock of Gibraltar making up the upper part. Morocco is one of those countries where everyone has heard of its most famous cities but hardly anyone will be able to tell you its capital; Casablanca, Fes, Tangier and Marrakesh, you have heard of those right? Of course, and they should be your destinations if you are planning a last minute holiday to Morocco. But what about Rabat? No, well it’s only the capital, but don’t worry, frankly speaking you have no need to go there. If you want to get really rustic you could consider Tafraoute. It doesn’t hаve а lot оf history. Іt wаs build аs а French administrative center аnd аfter independance іt became а Moroccan one. The region itself has more history. Fes on the other hand is a real gem. This is a truly unique city worth jumping on a plane leaving tomorrow.

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