Last Minute Lanzarote Holidays

I don’t know about you, but every time I think of a place to go on a whim, I imagine some pristine desert island with miles of space to wander at my own pace, at my own leisure, allowing me to discover all its nooks, crannies, hide-aways, geographic beauty and cultural sites all the while basking in the mid-day sun and breathing the crisp sea air.

Yes I know it’s a bit of a fantasy but guess what, if you’ve found yourself looking for a quick getaway then one of my planned last minute lanzarote holidays may just fit the bill. Well ok maybe not entirely but with a little imagination anything is possible. After all they said man wouldn’t walk on the moon and we all know where that ended. That’s assuming you don’t subscribe to the belief that it was shot in the Arizona or who knows…a Lanzarote desert. After all, this lovely Canary island is located just off the coast of Morrocco.

So given you’re looking for last minute holiday deal, you need advice to get on board quick-sharp. There may well be loads of sites out there that cater for such requests and if you take a glance to the of this page right now, you might find something that catches you eye. Go on…take a look now. Well I recommend you follow that link because as my Gran Pappy used to tell me ‘You can’t kill two birds with one stone son’.

Sites like do great deals on top hotels like the Lanzarote Paradise, Los Zocos Club Resort, Los Tulipanes and Celest Apartments. One of my favourite online destinations however is Thomas Cook which has a great website that makes hunting down a cheap last minute deal a breeze. Naturally it depends what time of year you’re looking to travel, but you can get a 7 night all-inclusive Lanzarote holiday for less than £500 a person.

And flights are not to problematic either. Monarch airlines fly from Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands and Leeds Bradford airports as well as Gatwick and Luton.

So what about things to do when you get there? Well did you know that the Lanzarote coastline on the north side is a splendid uninterrupted splash of sand with volcanic risk cliffs rising in the near-distance. And what about the capital city Arrecife? It’s a calm, tranquil city with people going about the usual day to day business of putting food on the table. Look out for the festival seasons in February and August when arts and cultural exhibitions can make for a sophisticated day out.

An interesting tourist point is the Cactus Garden which as can be described as a sea of cacti. Now I saw people referring to this as cactuses and that really got me riled up because we should all know that the plural of cactus is cacti…if one thing is for certain, anyone signing up at the last minute for a lanzarote holiday should be satisfied that anything written on my site has been grammatically checked!

It’s like that classic sentence. Eats, shoots and leaves…that’s how you could describe a hungry gun slinger, but if you were to miss out the comma, you’d be left with ‘Eats shoots and leaves’ which is describing a panda! Now where would people be if a tourism guide that made errors like that was read by someone like yourself rushing off to Lanzarote at the drop of a hat. Perhaps instead of ending up at Arrecife, you would end up at the crecifice. Now I don’t know if there are any crecifices (is that the plural) in Lanzarote but what I do know is you wouldn’t be too happy would you? So all together now with the three Rs…Reading, Writing and Arithmetic!

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