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So let’s see now….it’s a bank holiday that you forgot about? Or the boss is away and you reckon you can take an ‘early’ weekend…or you’re just totally disorganized….or you’re just sick of it all and need a break right now! Whatever the reason, you need a flight out of Blighty to well maybe anywhere…as long as its affordable and all inclusive… a last minute holiday deal that has everything packed into it…and when I say everything I mean they even take care of your toothbrush!

Fear not….when the cat is away surely the mice will play and Brits know just how to do it. I mean just how long can one be reasonably expected to make do with 30 minutes basking in Green Park during the lunch break. If you’re going to tan you need to do this properly and that means a much needed holiday out to the Costa Brava or Algarve n’est pas?

Now because we’re all safety conscious nowadays it might be a good idea to remind ourselves that before you dig out a last minute holiday deal to summer sun, you had better take note of old Auntie’s recent advice (namely the BBC) that cases of skin cancer amongst Brits has not doubled, not trebled and not even quadrupled, but quintupled since the Seventies. That’s a five-time increase. So for goodness sake…don’t bake until you look like a lobster and apply good quality sun protection cream.

Coming back to the matter in hand now, Teletext Holidays offer great, affordable all inclusive holiday deals that are crammed full of amazing value including meals, drinks, entertainment and activities. The price you pay includes flights, hotel, meals, beverages activities and your resort entertainment such as kids clubs, games rooms and family facilities. And we all love a talent night don’t we. I can’t wait to belt out ol’ Stevie Wonder’s ‘Summer soft, wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning off’.

And game rooms usually provide facilities such as table tennis, pool, table footie, arts and crafts activities for younger kids and cable TV. You may also find classic board games to keep you occupied in the evenings such as Monopoly, Risk, Connect 4 and Mastermind….Agghh…how that game vexes me; doubles are not allowed I tell you!

They offer all inclusive holiday deals to popular Mediterranean hotspots such as Tenerife, Turkey, Spain or Greece, and for those looking to travel further afield; they can set you with a trip of a lifetime to the likes of Egypt, Mexico and the Maldives.

Maldives of course is a honeymooner’s paradise. Set in the Indian Ocean, this idyllic country is made up of countless tiny islands that stretch out vertically in the form of a teardrop. Learn to dive here if you have at least 3 days. This is not the kind of destination you can just pop off to at the last moment. First of all it is rather far away and secondly you need to plan a holiday like this to get the most out of it.

The quirkily named site TravelZoo has some nice deals when we looked at it including a Rhine river cruise that crosses through France, Germany and Switzerland, and also breaks in and around the UK such as Chester and Liverpool…Not exactly what I look for in a last minute holiday but you never know. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

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