Holiday Leaving Tomorrow

So you got some unexpected time off, or your plans changed at the last minute and now you are desperately scrambling around looking for some great last minute holiday that’s leaving tomorrow. Well never fear, holiday leaving tomorrow is here with the quickest holiday sound bites on the net to help you make a split-second choice on destination or find a cracking deal that you can come back and boast to your friends about.

Sorry we couldn’t meet last week…..I booked a last second holiday to the Serengeti!

But don’t get ahead of yourself. First you need to find a destination and what better place to find a holiday leaving tomorrow than… So relax, take a look around and you’re sure to find something that suits the time and budget you have to hand. It may not be the holiday of your dreams….but it will be a holiday leaving tomorrow.

Popular Holiday Destinations

So what takes your fancy?

Camel riding in Egypt?
Egypt Holiday Leaving Tomorrow
Feasting on kebabs?
Turkey Holiday Leaving Tomorrow
Cultural Italy?
Italy Holiday Leaving Tomorrow
Soaking up the sun?
Spanish Holiday Leaving Tomorrow

Preparing For Your Holiday Leaving Tomorrow


First things first…..Don’t book a trip without first checking what the visa requirements are for your destination country. Note, that you don’t need a visa for any countries you travel through in transit.

Luckily for us Brits, many countries across the world and all countries within the EU welcome holders of British passports without further requirements. This includes popular destinations such as France, Italy, Spain, Menorca, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Jamaica and Dubai amongst a whole host of other nations.

You can also consider holidays leaving tomorrow to exotic lands such as Egypt and Turkey as even though these destinations require a visa, they can be bought on arrival.

Note, however, that your passport should be still be valid for at least 3 months otherwise you may not be permitted to travel when checking in at your departure airport.


After giving thought to your onward travel, make sure you are actually in a position to leave before you jet-set off on your holiday leaving tomorrow. In other words, are there any special requirements to be tended to whilst you are away from home? Do you have any plants that need watering or pets that need to be fed? Did you have any previous plans that need to be cancelled now?

Finally, lock up your house and make sure you turn the gas off, all taps are tightly shut and electrical sockets turned off for non-critical appliances. For security, you can set timer-switches on lamps that turn on for some time during evening hours.

Packing For Your Holiday Leaving Tomorrow

Naturally, if you are planning to book a holiday leaving tomorrow, you are going to need to pack fast and in such circumstances it is all too easy to forget items. It may help to break down your packing list into areas such as:

such as toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hair gel
Media devices
such as camcorder, digital camera, flash drive, mobile phone, chargers
such as under-garments, socks and shoes, thermals if you’re going somewhere cold
such as trunks, towels and flippers!
Recreation Items
such as iPod, books
Critical Travel Items without which you certainly will not be leaving on holiday tomorrow
namely passport, tickets and booking details such as hotels, cars and the like.
Personal Special Items
such as sunglasses, contact lenses, medication etc…
Destination Special Items
such as mosquito repellent, guide books, maps, sun hat, daypack, socket adaptors etc…

It can be a bit hectic sorting this all out for a last second holiday leaving tomorrow but try not to fall into the trap of ‘oh we’ll just pick one up when we get there’. Hunting down items once you have arrived at your destination can throw your whole itinerary out of kilter and increas your cost. Probably if you are booking a holiday leaving tomorrow, you only have a few days off and eating into that precious time tracking down items that you could have bought from home should be a last resort plan.

Once you are all packed, try and get a good night’s sleep so you wake up fresh, relaxed and energised on the day of your trip. It’s going to be a long day and a fresh mind is alert, unstressed and calm.

Have a good breakfast, get to the airport in time and enjoy your trip.

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